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    1. Recommended Products

      Recommended Products

      Intelligent Work Space

      Intelligent Work Space
      Intelligent Work Space

      Nichigaku will go a step further and build a trendsetting "Intelligent Work Space" that will bring our office, research and teaching environments to life, from a "writable wall" that focuses on communication to avariety of high-end office furniture that is not limited to a single brand or

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      The main dealers(In no particular order)

      史泰博(上海)有限公司:800-820-8056 & 400-820-8056
      KOKUYO Commerce(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.:400-820-0798
      KOKUYO Commerce(Beijing) Co., Ltd.:400-820-7828
      OKAMURA(China) Co., Ltd.:021-6226-5589
      WESTINGAREA Technology (China) Co., LTD.:400-821-8800
      QI SHI TONG GROUP CO., LTD.: 0571-58666666
      Okamura Salotto Hong Kong Limited:00852-2898-9777

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